Event Rent

tours, congresses, company parties etc.

Annual Rent

less frequented locations

Revenue Share

highly frequented locations


for charitable events


Your partner for customized souvenir solutions

With souvenir machines by Penny Press Europe, you can benefit from a variety of positive effects. We offer added value on commission – with no financial investment, no extra costs or risks, and with minimal effort. As a result of the advertising impact of the provided souvenirs, you can generate additional profits for your location and raise the number of visitors. With our flexible rent options, we can provide a suitable solution for any situation. Our machines are available for short-term rent (e.g. for promotion during an event or a road tour, or to raise donations) and long-term rent. Depending on your visitor numbers, a long-term installation with a revenue share model could also be suitable.

  • Added value without costs or risks

  • extra income with no investment

  • Higher visitor numbers without effort

  • flexible rental solutions in 3 variants

  • Use on commission basis

Your souvenir machine will be customized to your specific needs. Our design team creates a fitting look for the machine exterior and included souvenirs. Multiple different articles can be incorporated into one single machine – in cooperation with you, we will develop an ideal product selection for your location. We take care of construction and design, delivery and on-site setup for your machine. And after the installation, our proficient service team takes care of machine maintenance and repairs.

unique product design

Souvenirs can be freely combined

one-stop service + support


“The Penny Press Mint is a big hit, we’ll put it up again and again!”

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