Souvenir machines for every purpose

Penny Press provides the perfect souvenir assortment for your location

Souvenir machines by Penny Press Europe are hand-made in our Berlin-based manufactory. Located near Potsdamer Platz in the district of Tiergarten, our models are being perfected since more than 15 years. The result of this permanent innovation are modern and durable devices suited for your location’s every needs. Our products do not come off an assembly line – because your machine is produced specifically for you, we can consider special requests during construction and design. Our production management and creative team will ensure that you receive an ideal product range. Even after installation, you can expect a perfect service: Maintenance and repair of the machines is carried out by employees who are specifically trained for our products – and if you have any questions, you can contact our customer service.

durable + weatherproof

customized design

extra options

all-round service

rental concepts

Each location is unique, as are its requirements regarding a potential installation of a souvenir machine. In order to ensure the best possible deal for you, Penny Press Europe offers three rental variants:

If you are planning a scheduled event (tour, promotion, company party, fundraiser…) we can rent you our machines for a fixed price:

  • fixed budget without additional effort or follow-up costs
  • Renter keeps 100% of generated revenue
  • Upgrade with non-profit module possible on request
  • Construction, production and design included
  • Optional: delivery and pick-up
  • Support with repairs and maintenance if needed

If your location has less than 150.000 visitors per year, we can offer you our machines for an annual rent:

  • Renter keeps 100% of generated revenue
  • Construction, production and design included
  • Support with repairs and maintenance if needed

If your location has at least 150.000 visitors per year, then maybe a revenue share model could be interesting for you:

  • Profitable financing model with attractive percentage shares
  • Construction, design, delivery and collection included
  • Support with repairs if needed
  • Maintenance 1–2 times a year by our service team

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